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Lake Kawaguchi tour bus, Saiko tour bus more usefully!

Update day: 2015.09.05

Time schedule revision of Lake Kawaguchi tour bus, Saiko tour bus was made and became more convenient!

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Express bus from Narita Airport started service!

Update day: 2016.08.02

Express bus which linked Narita Airport to Mount Fuji started service from July 16!

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[advantageous information] Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes passport

Update day: 2015.05.22

It is easy to use "Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes passport" which is convenient for tour of Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes Aria, and is advantageous more and renews!

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[advantageous information] Visit to Japan foreigner-limited! Advantageous ticket Mt.Fuji Round Trip Ticket of sightseeing in Mount Fuji

Update day: 2016.04.25

Advantageous ticket "Mt.Fuji Round Torip Ticket" for a limited time is sold for customer of visit to Japan trip for the purpose of sightseeing in Mount Fuji newly in JR East.
FUJI KYUKO Line, Fuji mountain climbing bus becomes free-lance Aria, and limited express train of Chuo Main Line can use getting on and off freedom for roundtrips from East Kyoto Ward to free Aria again for two days.

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We extend limited express "Narita express (N'EX)" to Kawaguchiko Station and drive!

Update day: 2014.06.26

In JR East and FUJI KYUKO, we run limited express "Narita express (N'EX)" to FUJI KYUKO Line directly for the first time this summer. It links Lake Kawaguchi to Narita Airport without transfer, and access to Mount Fuji Aria improves.
It is through train which is convenient at all for customer of visit to Japan trip and customer of downtown area and Tama area from world's cultural heritage registration to Mount Fuji reaching one year.

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[express bus information] From the Shinkansen (Mishima Station) to Fuji Five Lakes!

Update day: 2012.08.10

This limited express bus "Mishima, Lake Kawaguchi liner" is convenient for access from Tokaido Shinkansen Mishima Station to the Lake Kawaguchi area!

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[traffic information] Subaru, Fuji line traffic information

Update day: 2014.06.16

As for the business information of current Subaru, Fuji line (Mount Fuji toll road), please see this.

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