[event holding of the fifth anniversary of Mount Fuji world heritage registration]

Update day: 2018.06.14

It is registered world heritage, and Mount Fuji is going to reach early five years.
In commemoration of the world heritage registration fifth anniversary, we hold commemorative event on Saturday, June 30.

Lake Kawaguchi business and industry society TEL0555-73-1122

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URL : Lake Kawaguchi business and industry society HP

Time schedule

17:30 - venue

From 18:00 to 19:10 world heritage registration "memory seminar"
       Lecturer: Seiichi Kondo (former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)

From 19:10 to 19:20 break

From 19:20 to 20:50 world heritage registration "commemorative concert"
       Actor: Ayako Ikeda (singer-songwriter)