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Saiko Ryugusai (August 2, 2019)

Reference image

Reference image

Festival of Palace of the Dragon King Shrine dedicated to God "Princess rich ball life" of water. Handwoven fabric of light that floating of lanterns, fireworks display color surface of a lake forms the fantasy world.

The date: Wednesday, August 2
It is 00 ... garden lantern ignition /19
It is 30 ... fireworks launching /19
Venue: Saiko foreshore
Inquiry: Saiko Tourism Association (0555-82-3131)

Event information


The Saiko shore foreshore offing


August 2, 2018


Saiko Tourism Association
TEL 0555-82-3131

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Saiko foreshore or the Saiko east exit gets off Kawaguchiko Station on Saiko tour bus. Or riding, Saiko foreshore get off for route bus Saiko guest house village.
※Public transport does not run in time for fireworks.
 We use car or recommend that we stay.

Bus route

[Saiko Sightseeing Bus]
The Saiko east exit
Saiko foreshore
[Saiko guest house - Fujisan Station]
Saiko foreshore


Admission, admission presence: Free


Remarks 1

Holding date and time August 2 
Fireworks from 19:30 to 20:00
Garden lantern from 19:00 to 20:30