Mt. Fuji 100 view
Introduction of Mount Fuji superb view spot

We download mt. Fuji 100 view PDF version

Fujikawaguchiko-machi is home territory of obvious Mount Fuji.
We can look at Mount Fuji close from everywhere of town.
From Mount Fuji View Point in such an innumerableness, we introduce particularly recommended View Point.

View Point introducing here is 26 spots now, but we gradually increase and are going to do for 100 views in the future.
Please introduce "the view only for you of favorite Mount Fuji"

  • Mt. Tenjo

  • Delivery house ka saki

  • Walking trail of Lake Kawaguchi northern coast

  • Pear river maple corridor

  • Nagasaki Park

  • Oishi Park

  • Maple Tunneler

  • The out ka rock beach

  • Forest of creation

  • The root ground beach

  • Saiko Iyashinosato Nenba

  • Saiko Yacho-no-mori Park (Wild Bird's forest)

  • Other fellows Beach

  • Mount Fuji from Mt. snow head ka

  • Fuji of thousand-yen bill

  • Rock and Mount Fuji at the Mt. ogre ka mountaintop

  • Fujigane meadows

  • Lava zone and Mount Fuji of Lake Motosu

  • Mitsutoge

  • Diamond Fuji from Fujimotosuko Resort

  • Kurodake

  • Bald mountain

  • Foot Wadayama (five lakes stand)

  • Colored leaves stand

  • Panoramic observatory

  • Mt. dragon ka

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