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Fujikawaguchiko-machi among nature. Activity is substantial, too

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We are surrounded by Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Saiko, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu, Aoki ke original sea of trees and Nature.
Fuji mountain climbing that we want to climb once. There are contents to be able to enjoy nature including Fujikawaguchiko-machi authorized guide and Aoki ke original sea of trees nature guided tour to walk. We will enjoy by the cause of perfect location, favorite method with all one's might!

Fuji mountain climbing

Sacred mountain Fuji that attracted heart of people from the ancient times. Not only you look up at the foot, but also do you not aim at the best mountaintop in Japan by all means?

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There is field of rich nature around Mount Fuji, and there is course where All-Rounder is rich in from course that even beginner can experience casually to reliable course.

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Aokigahara Jukai

Many lava caves which show great power of Mount Fuji eruption. There is figure of various nature which accomplished the change around Saiko with history of Mount Fuji. Mysterious nature land that there are a lot of impressions strangely.

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Natural learning facility

The outskirts are dotted with facilities which can learn thing about Mount Fuji and nature. When we spend time slowly and learn.

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