Aokigahara Jukai
Aokigahara Jukai which opens to east, around 1,000m above sea level of Saiko

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Many lava caves which show great power of Mount Fuji eruption. There is figure of various nature which accomplished the change around Saiko with history of Mount Fuji. Mysterious nature land that there are a lot of impressions strangely. Let's take a walk while enjoying forest bathing relaxedly.

Fujikawaguchiko-machi authorized guide and guided tour Aokigahara Jukai nature guide who goes

Aokigahara Jukai opening in the western foot of Yamakita, Fuji presents specific aspect as forest formed on the lava flow of Mount Fuji, and it is natural environments to be able to boast of to the world that can meet various animals and plants.
However, in late years the environmental disruption by chaotic entrances to any place other than the way decided in little Aokigahara Jukai of opportunity to mention the public eye by the immensity is gradually progressing. Fujikawaguchiko-machi founds official recognition nature guide system to guide sea of trees while conveying correct information to user for such situation to enjoy charm of sea of trees without betting load on natural environments as much as possible.
With knowledge that is correct about nature of Aokigahara Jukai, and is wide and Fujikawaguchiko-machi official recognition nature guided tour is guided tour to walk sea of trees while hearing commentary of nature guide whom it is easy to understand the knowledge to customer, and Fujikawaguchiko-machi authorized as expert who can tell.
■Reservation application for guided tour
Saiko nature center (Saiko bat hole, Kunimasu Museum) 0555-82-3111

It depends on Fujikawaguchiko-machi authorized guide field guide
Optional tour to know the history of Nature and eruption of Mount Fuji

Appointed hour guided tour

●Around course / Saiko bat hole (including commentary with each point approximately one hour)
※Course may change by weather and season.
On the day please confirm at the time of application for the last time.

Guided tour reservation guided tour by advance reservations

Course example

●One hour course
The bat hole information desk - bat hole (sinus containing) - bat hole information desk
●Two hours course
Drinking fountain - Saiko Yacho-no-mori Park (Wild Bird's forest) of bat hole (sinus containing) - wild bird
●Three hours course
Saiko Yacho-no-mori Park (Wild Bird's forest) - Palace of the Dragon King cave - bat hole (sinus containing)
●Four hours course
Bat hole - Palace of the Dragon King cave - colored leaves stand - Saiko guest house village - bat hole information desk

※Sinus charges with bat hole separately (general 300 yen, more than 20 groups 250 yen)
※When there are "nyudo" and notation, as for doing nyudo in cave in the course mentioned above, it is.
※We are crowded very much depending on season, and reservation acceptance of guide may not be possible.

Rate information

Rate Appointed hour guided tour: Of 500 yen per person (one hour)
Reservation guided tour: Of 500 yen per person in one hour (as rate varies according to time, refer for the pivot)
※On the day please apply for guided tour at Saiko nature center (Saiko bat hole, Kunimasu Museum) reception desk window at the appointed hour.
Application Reservation guided tour within two days before participation day
On the date and time desired, we inform Saiko nature center (Saiko bat hole, Kunimasu Museum) of the participation number of people
We accept by "FAX" or "mail"
※Reservation guided tour includes remarking in four or more.

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Use application (PDF)
Use application (WORD)

Application Saiko nature center (Saiko bat hole, Kunimasu Museum)
  0555-82-3111 FAX. 0555-82-3112