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There is Mt. view garden in Saiko northern coast, and hiking course starting from here leaves for colored leaves stand, foot Wadayama, Mt. 12, and Fuji and view of Aokigahara Jukai seen under eyes are magnificent.
In addition, way of enjoying in the fields and mountains, lake including fishing, windsurfing board play in lake is various, too.
Gymnasium, lodge, bungalow which are available to families for school camping trip, camp again, facility including rental vacation cottage are substantial.
In this summer, please enjoy nature to heart's content to think of in Mt. view garden of the shore of refreshing Saiko.

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Getting off from Kawaguchiko Station before Saiko guest house line bus - Kangakuen camp site
※Pickup and drop-off from Kawaguchiko Station: Impossibility


[Chuo Expressway]
From Lake Kawaguchi I.C from about 11km Misaka, Ichinomiya I.C from about 30.4km Kofu south I.C about 27.1km 
[Higashi-Fujigoko Road]
From Fujiyoshida I.C about 11km 
[the Tomei Expressway]
From Fuji I.C about 48.8km 

Bus route

[Saiko Sightseeing Bus]
Mt. 12 starting point of a mountain climb
[Saiko guest house - Fujisan Station]
Kangakuen camp site


Large car: Ten normal cars: 70 

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